Enzymatic Peeling

Gently cleanses the skin and gives it a clear, radiant, refined complexion | Leaves the skin receptive to further active ingredients.

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60 ml
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  • removes dry and dead skin cells, make-up residue, dirt particles and excess sebum
  • ideally prepares the skin for further care products and creates a refined, fresh complexion
  • particularly suitable for oily skin that is susceptible to impurities


Apply a thin layer to the face once or twice a week after washing, avoiding the eye, mouth and nose areas. After around 15 minutes, remove the peeling residue with a damp, lukewarm compress. External use only. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

The key ingredients

Papaya enzymes, Salicylic acid, Vitamin E, Zinc oxide

Responsible Beauty


Dermatologically tested

Manufactured in Germany

Not tested on animals

Free from silicones, mineral oils, dyes and parabens


Clarifying Spot Treatment

Light, moisturising and antibacterial fluid to fight skin impurities | Creates a clear, refined complexion and removes impurities more quickly without drying out the skin.
(100ml = €146.67)

Advanced Serum

Powerful, beautifying and regenerative facial serum | Counteracts the visibility of wrinkles, pores, expression lines and imperfections.
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The Eye Cream

Powerful anti-ageing eye care with spilanthol combats puffiness, shadows, wrinkles and dark circles in the eye area
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The Model Mask

Beauty booster with a high-dosed active ingredient complex and immediate effect. After a short application time, it leaves skin looking delicate, smooth and firm with a radiant, clear complexion.
(100ml = €131.67)